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CodeBlue Featured In InsurTech Magazine

July 2, 2020

CodeBlue is featured in "InsurTech" magazine, an online magazine that features the latest news and insights from the worlds of technology and finance This month’s issue features an interview with CodeBlue's COO Jason Manns where he outlines how technology has...

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CodeBlue Hosting Virtual Job Fair

June 17, 2020

CodeBlue will hold a virtual job fair on Tuesday, June 30th, and Wednesday, July 1st between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. both days. Contrary to the recent economic trend, CodeBlue has been fortunate not to reduce its workforce. Instead, we're expanding and creating...

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Getting Ed-Ucated: Selective Investigation

June 9, 2020

When we're not sure how long materials have been wet, and we're trying to determine the category of water, it may be beneficial to perform a "Selective Investigation" to look for signs that might indicate how long materials have been in contact with water. I...

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Getting Ed-Ucated: Sump Pump Malfunctions

April 14, 2020

In the water restoration industry, sump pump losses have generally been considered a category 2 water loss. That’s because the level of microorganism risk -though the water came through the ground- does NOT meet the criteria listed in the category 3 definition guidelines...

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Virtual Claims Management: The Future Is Now

March 11, 2020

CodeBlue and Livegenic proudly announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership that leverages the amazing strengths of both organizations, including CodeBlue’s expertise and manpower along with Livegenic’s cutting-edge Intelligent Automation technology in a...

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