CodeBlue contractors reach the policyholders with the fastest response time in the industry

Time is the most critical element in water mitigation, so we have a nationwide commitment to the industry’s fastest response time from the moment your policyholder calls. The faster we arrive, assess and act, the faster we can reduce the damage using our Science of Drying techniques before policyholders experience total loss requiring total reconstruction.

water damage occurs

Your policyholder finds her kitchen has flooded. She needs you to get her back to yesterday as quickly as possible – when all things were as they should be.


It’s the middle of the night, and a message service just won’t do. A CodeBlue specialist stands at ready 24x7x365 to take your policyholder’s FNOL and assign a Scientifically-certified contractor, based on a proprietary performance algorithm. If your policyholder already has a contractor, CodeBlue can still make the Revolution work for you.


CodeBlue’s network contractor is already at the door. And - because the rogue water is still clean – you are already saving materials and reducing severity.


Actively managing a claim means you can save materials and contents you would have normally replaced in the past and avoid unnecessary demolition and reconstruction. Besides, demolition and reconstruction take longer and are much more disruptive than simply drying.


Policyholders get their home back faster, with less disruption and a return to pre-loss condition knowing the best possible team handled everything professionally.


As futuristic and expensive as it sounds, time travel the CodeBlue way is a low cost, Extraordinary Service solution for you and your policyholder. How does a guaranteed 20% severity reduction and more policy renewals sound to you?


Setting the standard for the Science of Drying…

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