“These products, and the processes we have wrapped around them, help carriers provide faster settlements that are more accurate. No one has this combination of technology, service and process improvement. This is absolutely a huge win for carriers and policyholders.”
– Sr. VP of Property Service Jeff Holte


Now you can use CodeBlue Contents technology to deliver a settlement report during your on-site inspection.


We offer consulting services, or a concierge, who will understand your account and help you navigate through purchasing, implementation, deployment and beyond. Our team members are experienced (many of them have run contents departments for some of the largest carriers in North America) and can help carriers create a world class contents service platform.

Valuation Professionals

CodeBlue Contents has a full team of pricing experts of value those items your insured has lost. From a baby jumper to one of a kind items; they research and document each item to ensure a successful settlement and recovery.

Inventory Services

When carriers need assistance, Contents has teams of inventory specialists onsite within 24 hours, which can reduce the time it takes to price inventory by 50%.

Fastrak: Making Claims Instantaneous

Most claims (67%) are less than 30 items.

What if... you could walk into someone’s home, talk into your iPhone, take a picture of the item and have the items sourced locally to the insured? Then, have a settlement report produced so that you can settle with the insured within minutes of your inspection?


Using our proprietary software, we built in the ability to use cloud-based technology to have access to all of our databases so you can deliver a settlement report (and check) to the policyholder while you are still in the home. While the adjuster, or insured, is creating the inventory list, behind the scenes CodeBlue is establishing the value, applying depreciation and producing a settlement report within minutes of completing the list of damaged items. Claims of less than 30 items are perfect for FasTrak because our new technology can cross-reference multiple databases at once while applying the coverage from the carrier simultaneously. For adjusters, that means 1-stop in the home service that delivers the ultimate policyholder satisfaction.

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