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By Special Invitation Only:

Flood House Class Schedule

This is your chance to visit CodeBlue's state-of-the art flood house facilities!

CodeBlue has built two 1,800-square foot Flood Houses in Eau Claire, WI and Springfield, OH. Trainees who attend IICRC Training classes at these facilities learn how outdoor conditions affect indoor drying as they use the industry's latest drying technology to mitigate a real water loss. These flood house certified homes are completely furnished and are flooded with over 1,500 gallons of water on structural materials and contents simulating a real water loss claim.

Come test the industry's latest drying equipment, with unbiased feedback based on the science of drying from Ed Jones, an industry pioneer. Spend 4-5 days with CodeBlue contractors while earning IICRC approved certifications in WRT, ASD, WRT/ASD combo classes and AMRT.

Benefits of attending CodeBlue’s Flood House:

  • Concrete subfloors, finished basements, crawl spaces and more are flooded for you to learn different drying strategies to apply in your every-day claims.
  • CodeBlue is raising the bar of expectations for all contractors and soon the lead technician will be required to have current WRT and ASD certifications to receive claim referral opportunities.
  • You must have a current AMRT certification to perform mold remediation for CodeBlue.
  • Not only earn more certifications that raise your contractor rank in CodeBlue’s system, but spend time with our Water Mitigation Specialists working together in the Flood House to improve their knowledge CodeBlue’s expectations. We have discovered that your techs will perform better after attending our training!
  • Learn more about how CodeBlue has set policy for water damage mitigation by discussing our interpretations of the S500 standards.
  • Separate yourself from your competition by having the best certified technicians in your area. We recommend that your technicians have the following current IICRC certifications; WRT, ASD, AMRT and CDS.
  • Learn and participate in CodeBlue’s testing of new equipment and experimentation of new drying strategies! We are now testing the use of insulated containment in an effort to raise the temperature of the affected areas and still leave the unaffected areas comfortable for the insured. This testing takes place during the flood house classes and you get to assist with the experiments.
  • Take a tour of the CodeBlue Command Center and get a chance to meet the people you talk to everyday!

Sign up today as classes are filling up quickly!

“This class is filled with useful information. CodeBlue doesn’t just teach what’s going to be on the test, they go above and beyond to better the contractors.”
– John Roso, Carrara Company
“If you’re considering attending a CodeBlue Flood House Class – Do it! Not only will you learn a lot, but they will teach you how to do it right the first time.”
– Mark Pfiffner, Brouwer Brothers

Flood House Class Schedule

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To attend an IICRC Certified Flood house hosted by CodeBlue, Please fill out the linked document, and send it back to CLICK HERE

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A tour of the CodeBlue Command Center will be offered during the week of training. There is a $150.00 fee for cancellations/rescheduling made at least fourteen days in advance. A 50% rebooking credit for any cancellations/rescheduling made with less than fourteen days notice (50% of class expense will be applied to a future class; no refunds are available with less than 14 days notice).

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