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SPRINGFIELD, OHIO (March 23, 2015) – CodeBlue, the technology leader for water mitigation, has announced  a new SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Training) Team Program to assist CodeBlue Elite contractors in growing and improving their business.
The team features four Affiliates managers, who will travel to contractor facilities and focus on that particular business moving forward. The concept was introduced at the Innovation Summit in February  and embraced by the 90-plus contractors who attended. The concept would be rolled out to dozens of Elite Contractors throughout 2015.
“Our contractor network is very strong. In this next phase, we’ll focus on getting all contractors the tools they need to succeed and grow their businesses,” said CodeBlue Director of Operations Michael Smith. “Last year was about building the network. This year is about making them even more successful with initiatives that add to the bottom line.”
“The SWOT Team is hands-on and we’re looking to quickly review each contractor’s specific scores, then create a path to improvement.” Manager Affiliates Services, Nick Allar said. “We’re also looking to assist them with equipment suggestions, growth opportunities and additional training, which we’ll either recommend or provide.”
The SWOT Team will be “gathering market intelligence” as much as working hands-on with contractors on profitability. The entire effort is to bring CodeBlue resources to the field –contractor-by-contractor – to improve the partnerships on both sides. The SWOT Team will also likely provide assistance with non-technical business suggestions, such as marketing, customer service, website and other hurdles the average contractors has daily.

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CodeBlue, LLC is the leading independent Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the property and casualty insurance industry working in the emerging water mitigation industry. It is the leading provider of end-to-end claims management outsourcing solutions and focuses on extraordinary speed, science and service. CodeBlue returns policyholders to pre-loss condition in the fastest, most efficient, and least disruptive manner possible. It has more than 5,000 contractors covering all zip codes in the U.S., and using new technologies, proprietary software and its unique process improvement methodologies to deliver better results for carriers and their policyholders.

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