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SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (Nov. 14, 2014) – CodeBlue, which is a leading innovator in the emerging water mitigation industry, today recognized VP of Education, R&D Ed Jones, who had a presentation published by Purdue University, which has partnered with the company on several occasions.

The paper was presented to Purdue students and industry innovators at the 10th Annual Conference of the International Institute for Infrastructure Renewal and Reconstruction (I3R2) May 20-21 at Purdue in Lafayette, IN. The conference annually brings together the latest research for improving built infrastructure planning, design, response, and recovery for disastrous events. CodeBlue has been working with Purdue to finalize a program built on several years of mutual projects.

“Ed is the foremost authority on water mitigation in the industry,” said CodeBlue President and CEO Paul Gross, who added that the company was the only third-party administrator (TPA) in the insurance industry to have these kinds of water mitigation educational programs. The host College of Technology at Purdue has seven departments, nine locations statewide and 4,803 students. Purdue ranks among the largest in the United States, and both its undergraduate and graduate programs are highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

CodeBlue has been working with the newly-created Restoration Department in the Building and Construction Management major.

CodeBlue has attended business council meetings and donated time and resources to the university, as well as supporting career fairs.

“Ed is more than just an innovator,” said Gross, who added that CodeBlue was pushing technology, process improvement, and new proprietary software as three areas of focus to differentiate the company as it brings new ideas to the claims management .

“He’s educating the next generation of water mitigation experts nationwide with his vision, programs and improved processes,” Gross added.

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