CodeBlue Assure manages the entire reconstruction process from the moment the contractor arrives until the policyholder is back to pre-loss condition. Our proprietary software enables efficient, transparent oversight of each trade required to complete the job on time and according to your requirements. CodeBlue's Scientific approach enables:

Scientific Accountability

  • AI driven, 27-point performance-based algorithm for contractor selection
  • Step-by-step proactive claim management the moment the contractor arrives
  • Agreed to project plan with delivery date before any work begins

Scientific Accuracy

  • 3D 4K Virtual claims experience with digital floor plan and measurements
  • Proprietary software platforms that drive appropriate cycle times
  • Proactive, Real-time communication between all upon completion of trades

Scientific Outcomes

  • Predictable results based upon proactive oversight of entire claims process
  • Happy policyholder back to pre-loss condition in the least time possible
  • Outperform competitors in cycle time and severity accuracy

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