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The CodeBlue Affiliates Team has implemented their Elite SWOT Visit Initiative this month! The SWOT team has been created and will be inspecting each elite contractor’s facilities, vehicles, equipment, technicians, customer service protocols and even performing some “ride-alongs” on CodeBlue jobs. SWOT stands for identifying each elite contractor’s Strengths, Weaknesses & Opportunities for Training. CodeBlue’s SWOT team will spend 1-2 days with each elite contractor at their location to not only inspect their capabilities, but hold meetings with their elite technicians to better set expectations and to hear what is working and how to improve.

This will be a mutually beneficial exercise and CodeBlue wants to hear from our contractors on suggestions about how to make CodeBlue more user-friendly, while still achieving a superior policyholder elite experience and focus on restoring, rather than replacing materials.

A major part of each Elite Contractor SWOT Visit will be how important our “Elite Policyholder Experience” program is and how to implement the following protocols:

  • Prompt response by a pre-qualified, certified elite contractor.
  • Initial email sent to the policyholder explaining who the elite technician is and how we have identified their certifications and capabilities to give them a level of comfort of who will be responding to help mitigate their water loss.
  • Initial introduction of the elite technician and associates upon arrival at the loss location and presenting themselves in uniform, CodeBlue Elite photographed ID Badge and shoe protectors.
  • Showing the customized policyholder video when the elite technicians first arrive that explains what can be expected during the mitigation process.
  • Live video call with CodeBlue and the elite technician to identify and record any issues and the extent of the damage.
  • Summarize the job scope in layman’s terms so the policyholder understands the drying plan and what will be going on in their home or business during the mitigation process.
  • A complementary Risk Assessment inspection performed by the elite technician to help identify any potential future water losses so they can be prevented.

Upon completion of the Elite SWOT visit and all requirements being met, the elite contractor will be awarded with a CodeBlue Elite Certificate. We all need to look for “WOW” moments with the policyholder so we can obtain great testimonials to share with the insurance carrier. Please forward any customer service success stories directly to our CodeBlue Affiliates Team.

Happy Drying!

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